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Katalin Hankovszky & Tóbiás István

Community of practice and the role of interaction: on learning of internal coaches

Theme: Coaching in context
Area: Coaching
Type: Research presented with a client

Session on Thursday, Jul 7th, 16:50
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Katalin Hankovszky, MA, PCC, is a coach, coach trainer, and solution focused practitioner. With a background in philology and educational sciences she has worked independently since 1995. Based in Switzerland, she is a part of an international network, Solutionsurfers, and has offered coach training in Hungary since 2010, with activities in consultancy and book publishing. After many years of work in the business environment Katalin started her PhD studies to bridge her experiences with the academic world. Her main interest is how we learn from our work and how we can make useful what we have learned, for the next client.

István Tóbiás is a coach and team coach in a permanent position at Ustream. He career to date includes a journey through theatre, improvisation, clowning and web development as actor, trainer, programmer. He still does these things and uses them in his professional field. István believes in contextual small improvements, taking small steps forward and keeping the eye on the clear goal.


In this workshop you will have two hosts, who jointly invite you to check out the everyday learning of internal coaches. We’ll use
- Insights of the educational sciences on adult learning, especially on workplace and informal learning
- The results of research with internal coaches
- The experiences and expertise of an internal coach employed by a company in Hungary.

You’ll learn:
- What concepts and ideas describe the work of the coach – if we suppose that their continuous learning is relevant for the success of their conversations with client
- About the specific possibilities to learn in the case of internal coaches
- What activities it take,s and what signs show, that learning happens in an internal coaching practice.

If you are a coach, you can look forward to some inspirations for your own professional development and some useful examples of successful learning strategies. If you are a researcher, you’ll experience a way to share (on-going) research with interested colleagues. And if you come, you’ll influence, with your participation, an on-going research project about the learning of coaches.

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