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Dr Sari van Poelje

MASTERCLASS: Coaching Interventions

Session on Thursday, Jul 7th, 09:00
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Dr Sari van Poelje is an international consultant, executive coach and trainer. She is the managing director of INTACT, international training, coaching and consultancy. With offices in Budapest and Goteborg, and associated offices in Antwerp, Milan, Lyon and Paris, the company offers executive coaching, management consultancy and training programs for coaches, consultants and leaders.

Sari has 30 years experience of coaching and consulting with managers and directors in a multi-national business setting. She has been a consultant and coach for such diverse companies as IFF, BMW, Claas, Carmeuse, ING, Prezi and GE. Sari has also fulfilled senior director roles in various international corporations such as KLM, EMI music, ASML and Shell for 23 years.

She is a licensed teaching and supervising transactional analyst, PCM trainer, EMCC accredited at Master Practitioner level, master systemic team coach and is currently applying for her ICF MCC. She has published numerous articles on leadership, coaching and organisational change.


The purpose of the MasterClass is to help you improve the quality and focus of your coaching interventions, using a transactional analysis framework.

By the end of the workshop the participants will:
- Learn and understand what the difference is between technological and adaptive change
- Learn and understand the different levels of problem definition and interventions
- Practice some different interventions with each other.

The workshop is relevant for both personal and professional development.

We often know what we want to change, and even how to change it, but somehow we do not make those fundamental changes that would improve the quality of our personal and professional lives. As a coach we intervene either when a client is in acute crisis, in which case we offer a holding environment, OR, more often, we intervene when a client is stuck in their usual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour. Eric Berne offered us an explanation for our lack of fundamental change, through his Transactional Analysis concepts describing patterns, like ego states, symbiosis and life script. In this workshop we will explore three levels of intervention (behavioural, relational, narrative), and practice different ways of getting clients and ourselves unstuck. You will get a practical tool to help you choose at which level to intervene.

The workshop is experiential, framed by conceptual teaching and plenary discussions. Participants can come both for personal and professional development as leaders, coaches, consultants, educators and psychotherapists. There will be a maximum number of 24 participants.

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