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Dr Michel Moral

Managing collective supervision techniques

Theme: Coaching in context
Area: Supervision
Type: Research & how it has been applied in practice

Session on Thursday, Jul 7th, 16:50
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Dr Michel Moral spent most of his career in an international environment as a manager and executive. In 2003 he created a coaching and supervision practice. He holds a Masters degree in Science & Technology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He has published ten books related to management, coaching and supervision. He trains coaches at University, supervises coaches and trains supervisors with Florence Lamy. He is Vice-president of EMCC France and has an ESIA and EIA at Master Practitioner level.


The research question I address in this session is to understand the logic of selecting a technique (process) during a collective supervision which best serves the system formed by the group, the supervisor, the supervisee and the client’s context. More than 30 supervision processes are available (such as 7eyed, a constellation or cascade) and our assumption is that only a few are appropriate in a given situation and probably one is better than the others.

The presentation includes a literature review, the various approaches that we have explored, the state of our art, the additional questions that were opened during this study and a demonstration.

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