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Ram Ramanathan

How effective are Hindu Buddhist meditation techniques in raising awareness in Coaching?

Theme: Coaching: approaches/schools/theories
Area: Coaching
Type: Research & how it has been applied in practice

Session on Friday, Jul 8th, 13:50
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Ram Ramanathan is a coach, with 40 years’ background in both corporate leadership and Hindu scriptural spirituality, with an interest in blending these backgrounds with the sciences of Neurobiology, Psychology and Quantum Physics. Ram and his company, Coacharya, aim at societal transformation through coaching intervention, and invite like minded coaches to join. Ram has an EMCC EIA at Senior Practitioner and Coacharya won the EMCC 2014 Coaching award.


Neurobiology has emerged as a key contributor to the understanding of why and how coaching impacts and can impact human behaviour. Mind body has a third element not often studied by Neurobiology, that of energy. Meditative practices focused on energisation of chakras, our energy centers, address the integration mind, body and energy to help behavioural changes. My session addresses the theory and practice of this aspect.

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